The University of Young Entrepreneurs podcast is coming to an end…

Let’s look back at the past two years and talk about the NEW and IMPROVED name and focus!

A few highlights from this episode include:
– Looking back on past guests over these two years
– Why I’m changing the name and branding
– What will change and what will stay the same?
– How you will see more behind the scenes like Gary Vaynerchuk and more
– What inspired me from the TV premiere last week
– Exciting things happening – updates! [Could Good Morning America be in one of our futures?]
– What I just talked about with Jeff Hoffman
– Super star from my most recent accelerator program: Jennifer Spencer!
– Accelerant PR – email me for a special deal as we launch this new arm focused all around media exposure!
– Some big interviews coming up with Greg Reid, Christopher Kai, and Neil Gupta
– Shout out to Herb Gonzalez! My new videographer! (My D-Rock! :))

Impactful Quotes:

  • “We’re changing our branding. We’re Live To Grind!”
  • “It’s tough for me. It’s a weird moment for me…”
  • “People who go through my accelerator, if they’re a right fit, could be potentials to come on the show.”
  • “We’re going to show you everything!”
  • “Your network is your networth.”
  • “Just keep going. Don’t stop!”
  • “Jennifer loves pitching and getting her clients lots of media.”
  • “I’m announcing now, that we are partnering with Jennifer Spencer and Accelerant PR! Now Live To Grind has a PR firm. If you’re looking to get exposure and publicity, we have it. We are building a media company here and we can help you get exposure.”

Mentions from Episode:

Take Action!

  1. Influencer Mastermind Accelerator (group intensive) – next one starts February 13, 2017.
    *Limited to only 10 people!
  2. Let’s connect: @btadams18 on Snapchat