Mastering Video Marketing as a Financial Advisor

Exclusive Workshop: Elevate Your Brand & Engage Clients

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Nashville, TN

The Westin Nashville



Nashville, TN

The Westin in Nashville

About The Workshop

The “Mastering Video Marketing” workshop, tailored for financial advisors, offers practical insights into enhancing brands through video marketing. Led by Brandon T. Adams and Dan Charley, it focuses on increasing engagement and brand differentiation using video, with an emphasis on crafting compelling stories and understanding key metrics for better ROI. The workshop includes networking, strategy sessions, and training on building a successful brand, all geared towards maximizing the impact of video in financial advisory services.

Workshop Schedule

8:30 AM
Networking Over Coffee

9:00 AM
Training on Building a B.R.A.N.D. and Generating Extra Revenue

11:45 AM
Networking Lunch (Provided)

1:00 PM
1-on-1 Strategy Sessions and Hot Seats

4:00 PM
Final Message and Next Steps for Success

5:00 PM
Unofficial Networking Dinner (Optional)