Brandon Adams’ vision is to become the motivating force behind an entrepreneurial revolution led by the millennial generation.

An inventor, motivational speaker and internationally recognized crowdfunding expert, Brandon is on target to see his vision through.

In addition to founding the University of Young Entrepreneurs and the Young Entrepreneur Convention, Brandon is a regular on the speaking circuit, offering up his knowledge of the rapidly growing tactic of crowdfunding and firing up crowds with his unique perspective on attaining greatness.

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Episode 141: What is your Definition of Success?

What does success mean to you?  Most people think that being successful is having lots of money, nice cars, clothes, and being famous.  Those are all good things to have, but if you have those things does it mean you are successful? I know rich people that have... read more

Episode 139: How to be Smart, Daring and Different with Ron Klein

Every time you go to swipe your credit card you are using something that Ron Klein invented.  Ron invented the magnetic strip on the back of the credit card, which lets the system know if you have credit or not.  The idea Ron came up with years ago has impacted over a... read more

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